Technology Entrepreneurship Lab

Technology Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab) is a hands-on, three-month education program where students learn how to guide new entrepreneurial teams. Every semester we take on 25 students from all faculties who are passionate about entrepreneurship as well as guiding teams on their entrepreneurial journey. Our learn-by-doing education unfolds in two phases: First, you will acquire and improve coaching skills during our two-day FULL-TIME kickoff, and consecutive deep dive workshops. Second, you will guide up to three entrepreneurial teams from Business Plan Basic Seminar or Tech Challenge throughout the semester.

E Lab Coaches Summer 2018

Target Groups: Students

Area of Focus: Leadership & Enablement

Duration: One semester (12 weeks)

Next Date: April 21, 2022 - July 15, 2022

Times offered per year : Every semester, beginning of April or October

ECTS : Depending on your field of study, E-Lab is accredited with 6 ECTS, the grade consists of your coaching contributions to the teams and the community as well as a reflection paper

Language: English

Scope: 4-5 hours per week on average

Learning Goals: Coaching skills, entrepreneurial skills

Requirements Participation : Open to students in their last bachelor semester or all master semesters. You bring entrepreneurial experience (e.g. internship in a startup, own entrepreneurial venture). You gained first coaching experience (e.g. helping younger students, training teams or something alike). Ideally, you took part in Tech Challenge, Business Plan Basic Seminar, or a similar course by UnternehmerTUM.

Technology Entrepreneurship Lab

E-Lab includes interactive coaching education, real-life coaching practice, and supervision by professional coaches and trainers. The program is a perfect opportunity if you want to develop your skills as an entrepreneurial coach and help teams take on their entrepreneurial challenges.

Please, be aware that E-Lab is a high commitment program which needs your full attention, reliability, and continuous communication. If you are passionate about helping others succeed, using entrepreneurship to shape the world, and collaborating in creative ways, then you are exactly the person we are looking for.

Deepen your interpersonal skills by guiding teams on their entrepreneurial journey. Become an active part of the UnternehmerTUM eco-system, and surround yourself with inspirational people. Enrich your professional portfolio with the UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators entrepreneurial coach certificate.

„I benefitted so much from E-Lab! Actually, a lot of things in my life changed as well. And I’m super happy to have met all these great other coaches.“ Jasmin-Chiara Bauer



  • make sure that you can attend E-Lab Education on April 20, 2022 from 19-20:30 and on April 21 & 22, 2022 from 10-16:30, this is mandatory and missing parts of it is a no-go
  • please, check the dates of the coaching outlines to ensure they work for you (since you might coach in either Tech Challenge or Business Plan Basic Seminar please check all outlines below)


  • please, fill out and submit the application form (see link below, takes about 30 minutes)
  • application is open from February 1 through March 27, 2022


  • we consider every application equally, and select based on your aptitude towards coaching
  • if we have more applicants than seats, for fairness reason we will select participants randomly


  • the final participants will be announced on March 28, 2022
  • if you are not selected or cannot participate this semester, please note that E-Lab is offered every winter and summer semester


Franziska Heyde

Franziska Heyde

Workshop Facilitation and Coaching