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Do you want to learn how human-centric innovation works in practice? Then roll up your sleeves and join our 12-weeks program. Firstly, you will learn how to become a high-performing team and dive deep into one of the challenges that are worth solving. Then, you will explore the customer needs, associated with your challenge, and ideate on potential solutions. Finally, you will get your hands dirty with prototyping your idea that is capable of changing the status quo. You will work with cutting-edge technologies and network with domain experts. Every participant will be matched in an interdisciplinary team that gets support from a coach and access to prototyping facilities.

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Target Groups: PhD Students, Students

Area of Focus: Business Design, Scalable Tech

Next Date: April 25, 2023 - July 19, 2023

Times offered per year : Every semester, beginning of April or October

Duration: 1 semester (12 weeks)

Application Requirements : For students of all faculties & backgrounds; Enrollment as a student required, otherwise one should pay ("Tech Challenge Plus" Program)

ECTS : 6 (accreditation depends on the study program)

Language: English

Scope: 6-12h per week per participant

Learning Goals: Human-centric innovation, ideation, feedback, pitching, project management, prototyping, spotting opportunities, teamwork, user research


  • Tech Challenge Syllabus Summer Semester 2023


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Anastasia Myasnichenko

Program Development and Community

Valentin Sawadski

Valentin Sawadski

Lecturer and Experienced Founder

Richard Eckl

Richard Eckl

Lecturer and Experienced Founder

Yolanda Marin Ventura v2

Yolanda Marín Ventura

Project Coordinator