Leadership Talent Academy (LTA)

At the Leadership Talent Academy (LTA), aspiring leaders are empowered to embrace change, unlock their full potential, and cultivate values-driven leadership. Our 4-month program, comprising five on-site workshop modules, fosters self-reflection, creative confidence, and personal empowerment. Through expert-led lectures, individual coaching sessions, and peer networking opportunities, participants develop the skills to lead with integrity and impact. As a flagship initiative of the Karl Schlecht Foundation, we aim to nurture ethical leadership among talented individuals, shaping a future built on trust, togetherness, and meaningful action.

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Target Groups: Founders, PhD Students, Corporate Innovators

Area of Focus: Leadership & Enablement

Next Date: September 21, 2024 - January 11, 2025

Price: We award 25 full scholarships financed by the Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG).

Scope: Approx. 1 module per month, 7 course days in total. Additional 3 Coachingsessions and 3-4 remote Experts' Impulse Lectures. German and English C1 CEFR level. Optional: "Akademie Führung und Persönlichkeit" (together with the Munich School of Philosophy), additional selection process.

Duration: 4 months

Language: German

Learning Goals: Gain (self) leadership skills, values-driven mindset, and confidence for impactful change.

Application Requirements: All participants agree to fully participate in all modules on-site at the Munich Urban Colab in Munich and at UnternehmerTUM Headquarters in Garching, respectively. In order to fully engage with the program and your class, we expect clearing your calendar during these days to give yourself space and energy to focus on the LTA program.

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About the program

The Leadership Talent Academy (LTA) presents a dynamic 4-month program designed to empower aspiring leaders with the skills and mindset needed to excel in today's fast-paced world. Through five immersive workshop modules conducted in German, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery, skill development, and personal growth. These modules serve as catalysts for learning essential leadership competencies, fostering creative confidence, and adopting a values-driven approach to decision-making.

Additionally to the interactive workshops, individual coaching sessions offer personalized guidance and support, helping participants navigate challenges and unlock their full potential as leaders. The program also emphasizes the importance of peer-to-peer learning and collaboration, creating a supportive environment where participants can learn from one another and share their experiences.

As a flagship initiative of the Karl Schlecht Foundation, the LTA is committed to nurturing ethical leadership among talented individuals. Through its innovative curriculum and collaborative approach, the program aims to foster a culture of trust, collaboration, and impactful action, empowering participants to become effective leaders who drive positive change within their organizations and communities.

  • Seven workshop days with many leadership exercises and time for reflection (please note: workshop is held in German)
  • Experts' insights through impulse lectures
  • Being accompanied through individual coachings
  • Connecting with new people in similar situations
  • Creating a learning environment through peer to peer consulting
  • Possibility to apply for a spot at the "Akademie Führung und Persönlichkeit" together with the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership (separate application process)


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  • The Leadership Talent Academy targets young leaders in start-ups, successors of family businesses, scientists and intrapreneurs - generally speaking: young professionals who work in an innovative context and have a leadership role.

  • The program is tailor made for young leaders, who are in their first leadership role and want to define their own leadership style. You will benefit most from the programm, if you can directly apply your new skills into your working life as a leader and share your experiences with the other participants.

  • The LTA program spans over a 4-months, providing ample time for participants to immerse themselves in the learning journey and effectively develop their leadership skills. We expect you to come to all live workshop on site and free your calendars on the workshop days to fully emerge yourself into the experience.

  • All the workshop modules and expert impulses are conducted in German. A C1 level in German is an admission requirement.


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