Innovative Entrepreneurs

Learn how to think outside the box and complement theory by insights into practice. Our guest speakers present the diversity of the entrepreneurial life, entrepreneurial personalities, skills, and motivations. They talk about identifying opportunities, innovation management, growth, leadership, and all facets of entrepreneurship.

We believe entrepreneurial leadership skills must be developed through experience. So we do not want you to only be a listener in this lecture, but to take the first step into action. The examination performance will be an individual project work - a self-set challenge outside your comfort zone to actively practice self-leadership.

Innovative Entrepreneurs Cover

Target Groups: PhD Students, Students

Area of Focus: Business Design, Leadership & Enablement, Scalable Tech

Next Date : April 28, 2022

Times offered per year : Every semester, beginning of April or October

Duration: 1 semester (12 weeks)

ECTS : 3 ECTS, accreditation depends on the study program, please check for your course of study in TUM Online

Language: English

Learning Goals: Understand the entrepreneurial mindset, personality development through a self-leadership challenge, develop and strengthen self-reflection as an important leadership competence

Application Requirements : The lecture is open to everyone - TUM students and researchers can get credit points. Guest listeners are welcome.

Lecture Innovative Entrepreneurs

Summer Semester 2022

Outstanding founders, managers, and investors covering a wide range of industries talk about their entrepreneurial career paths. During the lecture, students can ask guest speakers questions and discuss with them.

Project work:

The participants of the lecture do not only listen to our entrepreneurial guest speakers, they become active themselves through a project work in the area of self-leadership. Through this participants can come up with new ideas and discover new skills in themselves.


Thursday, 28.04.2022, 17.30-19.00
Silicon Valley and Munich - Magic Ingredients for leading Startup Ecosystems
Prof. Dr. Helmut Schönenberger, Vice President Entrepreneurship of TUM, Co-Founder and CEO of UnternehmerTUM & Jerome Engel, Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley

How a Company Gets Started
André Alcalde, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, CELUS

Thursday, 05.05.2022, 17.30-19.00
Entrepreneurial Leadership
Dr. Claudia Liebethal, Executive Director Manage and More, UnternehmerTUM

Thursday, 12.05.2022, 17.30-19.00
Driving (Deep-)Tech Entrepreneurship
TUM Venture Labs

Thursday, 19.05.2022, 17.30-19.00
Startup Yourself
Workshop by Manage and More – The Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Thursday, 02.06.2022, 17.30-19.00
How Biotechnology and Chocolate can help to save our Planet
Sara F. Marquart, Co-Founder & CTO, QOA

Thursday, 09.06.2022, 17.30-19.00
To Be Announced
Christoph Cordes, Co-Founder & MD, Flink

Thursday, 23.06.2022, 17.30-19.00
Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Impact
TUM Venture Labs

Thursday, 30.06.2022, 10.00 -20.00
TUM Entrepreneurship Day

Thursday, 07.07.2022, 17.30-19.00
Success Story air up – Developing Innovative Products for Tomorrow's Generation
Lena Jüngst, CCO and Co-Founder, air up

Thursday, 14.07.2022, 17.30-19.00
What's next? Entrepreneurial journey with the Academy for Innovators
Anastasia Myasnichenko, Project Leader in Innovation Education, UnternehmerTUM


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