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At UnternehmerTUM, Europe's leading center for innovation and start-ups at the Technical University of Munich, we have joined forces with EIT InnoEnergy. EIT InnoEnergy Master’s programs are English-taught double-degree study programmes offered in cooperation with European technical universities (For more information, visit EIT InnoEnergy website). Together, we've designed the "Innovation & Entrepreneurship Journey" - an immersive learning experience for students of the following EIT InnoEnergy Master’s programmes:

Master’s in Energy for Smart Cities:
This Master's program combines urban planning, energy management, in-depth engineering skills, leading-edge mobility solutions, and innovation management techniques. This English-taught program empowers students to play a critical role in shaping our rapidly urbanizing world by exploring how to create smarter, more sustainable, and resource-efficient communities.

Master’s in Energy Technologies:
This Master's program offers a comprehensive education in various critical energy engineering fields, ranging from renewable energy to decentralized power supply, and energy economics, all taught in English. Not only will you develop proficiency in the latest energy technologies, but you will also acquire an extensive knowledge of the significance of innovation and entrepreneurship in shaping the future of the industry.

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Target Groups: Students

Area of Focus: Business Design

Duration: 2 years

Application Requirements : For Students of Master’s in Energy for Smart Cities and Master’s in Energy Technologies

Language: English

Scope: Two modules; 1st module 1 week in year 1; 2nd module 1-2 weeks in year 2 (+ remote coaching sessions)

Learning Goals: Guided by experienced Business Design coaches and experts, students will learn to systematically identify entrepreneurial opportunities, design and validate business models and test new products and services with Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies. Students will explore tools and avenues for reflection and self-growth throughout the journey.  They will use their skills, knowledge, and network to advance as founders of startups or intrapreneurs in leadership roles.

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The two-year learning journey focuses not just on entrepreneurial education but also on the personal transformation and ambitions of students. Students turn knowledge into action with multiple project cycles and hands-on learning experiences that focus on readiness and empowerment for the real world.

Through this journey, students learn the fundamentals of innovation & entrepreneurship by developing their own innovative business ideas, grow their network by immersing in the dynamic ecosystem of UnternehmerTUM and transform as individuals as they focus on their competencies and mindsets.

Module 1 – Innovation Sprint – 1 week Workshop in Munich, Germany

Course description:

Learn how to develop innovative and impact-driven business ideas. Work on a real-world problem in teams with the Design Thinking methodology and kickstart your personal transformation journey. This module will focus on creating a learning environment where students get to know each other, and their communities and experience hands-on learning. The experience will be highly practical. Students will work in teams on a Sprint Project to engage with their peers and the outside world to identify problems, communicate with potential customers/users, design first solutions, and set-up testing and interaction cycles. The week culminates into an exciting showcase of the project pitches and learning reflection. This experience propels learners to jump into innovation through experience and iteration. The module also focuses on understanding and developing mindsets that will allow them to identify and act on entrepreneurial opportunities during and after the academic program.

Online School – The Entrepreneurship Project – 6 weeks, Online

Course description:

Students continue team projects and grow as an entrepreneurial venture with inspiring and insightful content around the foundations of entrepreneurship and sustainability. In this blended learning experience, students follow a weekly cadence with guided asynchronous learning, teamwork and engaging weekly community sessions. The Online School equips students with the knowledge and skills of high-performing teams, business modelling & basics of finance, principles of circularity, storytelling and mindsets for entrepreneurial success.

Demo Day - Master School Connect Conference - 1 day, Stockholm

Course description:

Additional day at EIT InnoEnergy’s Master School Connect Conference to come together, showcase your learning, and celebrate your projects at the end of year 1.

Module 2 – The Innovator’s Journey – 1 week Workshop in Munich, Germany

Course description:

Over one week, the students will immerse themselves in the Munich entrepreneurship ecosystem and benefit from interactive workshops on innovation topics, self-leadership concepts and building an armoury of skills to be future-ready. Students will learn from experienced founders and successful innovators, explore entrepreneurial leadership, and design their persona Innovator’s Journey. By participating, the students will also get access to a unique and global Slack community of international innovators and entrepreneurs.

1:1 Coaching

Following the workshop in Munich, each student will benefit from an individual 1:1 coaching session with a Senior Coach. The focus is to integrate the learning and get customized support for their future ambitions. At the end of the coaching session, students have a roadmap for their goals and clarity on how to use their experiences.


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