Business Plan Basic Seminar

Discover your entrepreneurial potential with our Business Plan Basic Seminar, ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs. Are you bursting with ideas but unsure where to start? Our program is designed as a gentle introduction, prioritizing creativity over perfection. Delve into ideation, prototype development, market analysis, and business models with agile methodologies. Receive personalized coaching to refine your ideas and gain confidence in presenting your vision. Whether dreaming of your venture or simply curious, our seminar supports you every step. Don't let uncertainty hold you back. Join us and discover entrepreneurship today!

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Target Groups: PhD Students, Students

Area of Focus: Business Design

Next Date: April 24, 2024 - July 11, 2024

Times offered per year : Every semester, beginning of April or October

Duration: 1 semester (12 weeks)

ECTS : Up to 3-4 ECTS (accreditation depends on the study program, Campus TUM ID: WI000159)

Language: English

Scope: 7-10 hours per week

Learning Goals: Develop skills in business creation, plan development, and agile working. Navigate entrepreneurship confidently, craft effective strategies, and adapt swiftly to market changes

About the program

Welcome to our Business Plan Basic Seminar, where we empower entrepreneurs like you to embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey. Our comprehensive program integrates agile working methodologies and customer-centric approaches to guide you through every step of building a robust business plan.

Here's what you can expect from our seminar:

1. Understanding Customer Problems & Needs: Dive deep into identifying and understanding your customers' pain points and needs through problem-focused interviews.

2. Solution Development & Prototyping: Learn to develop prototypes that address your customers' needs effectively. Our hands-on approach emphasizes prototype development tailored to your target audience.

3. Market Analysis & Competitive Positioning: Gain insights into your industry landscape and differentiate your business idea from competitors. We'll guide you through market estimation and competitive positioning strategies.

4. Business Model Creation: Develop a first financial model based on insights from customer interviews and educated assumptions. We'll help you craft a business plan that reflects your vision and potential.

5. Presentation Training: Prepare to deliver a compelling presentation that showcases your business idea effectively. Receive personalized support and feedback from professional presentation trainers and coaches.

Our seminar emphasizes iterative approaches, ensuring that you refine your business plan progressively. With personalized support throughout the process, you'll gain confidence in your entrepreneurial journey.

Join us and unlock the potential of your business idea. Enroll now in our Business Plan Basic Seminar and take the first step towards entrepreneurial success.


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