UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators: Unlocking the Potential of Those Who Shape the Future

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At UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators, we equip you with the skills, tools, and mindset needed to transform your vision into action.

Regardless of who you are: a young professional, a corporate executive, a scientist, or a student—if you're passionate about innovation, we'll accompany you on your journey.

Since 2002, UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators and our more than 15,000 alumni have shaped Germany's innovation and start-up landscape.

Our talents have built hundreds of high-impact ventures, transformed thousands of corporations, and impacted millions of lives.

Design your own innovation journey

Dive Into the Start-Up Ecosystem

Experience firsthand what drives innovation, meet like-minded people and successful founders, and dive into your first projects.
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Roll Up Your Sleeves and Start Building

Form a team, identify problems, engage with users, run experiments, and start iterating and building on your business ideas.

Inspire and Lead Others

Acquire coaching skills, learn to guide entrepreneurial teams, reflect on your experience, and grow as a coach.

The Academy for Innovators is part of UnternehmerTUM, Europe's leading center for innovation and business creation. With its strong ties to the Technical University of Munich, UnternehmerTUM is committed to driving technology beyond the status quo and empowering people through education to make a lasting difference. Per year, we bring about:




innovation projects


scalable start-ups


billion euros in venture capital

We are founders, innovators, trainers, and makers who empower you to create an impact.

Meet a dedicated group of educators with a shared passion: enabling people to grow their distinct skillsets and change the world on a large scale.

We value individual strengths and opinions, aim for action rather than acquiring knowledge, address societal challenges, and lead by example.

Get to know our diverse group of educators
Christian M

Christian Margolus Zavala

Product, Strategy and Sales

As an entrepreneur, you learn from your mistakes - and you make many. With the help of other entrepreneurs, like Christian, you can avoid some.

Aylin Koca

Dr. Aylin Koca

Software Leader Customer Programs

Aylin is an entrepreneur and data science expert who knows the Academy by heart as a participant, as an employee, and now as a mentor.


Judith Liebfried

Personal Development Coaching

In Judith's experience, if you don’t think you need a coach, you probably need one the most. Think about it.


Meet our Community

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Jasmin Bauer

Thomas Kirchner
Co-founder ProGlove

At UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators, we were able to test, iterate, and develop our product to production readiness. Also, UnternehmerTUM has a network that is unique in

Germany and Europe.

Maria Sievert
Co-founder inveox

It all started at the Manage and More scholarship program by Academy for Innovators. We laid the foundation for our start-up during our participation here. We recognized the deficits in cancer diagnoses in pathology labs and got to know each other

Andreas Kunze
Co-founder KONUX

Participating in UnternehmerTUM's programs is really worth it. Develop your product as fast as possible, go out, get feedback, go back and develop further.

Dr.-Ing Alexander Schlüter
Venture Manager E.ON Future Lab

Having the opportunity to collaborate with UnternehmerTUM und their excellent scholars is one of the things we love at E.ON’s Future Lab. You impressed us with your professional approach and exceptional motivation.

Jasmin-Chiara Bauer
Founder Change Journal

The hands-on start-up and coaching courses at UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators empowered me to found the EVOLVE podcast and Change Journal.

Benefit from Our Tech Ecosystem

Colab future mobilty space

Digital Hub Mobility

Shape the Future of Mobility

Digital Hub Mobility brings together technology and mobility companies, start-ups and science, thus shaping the future of our mobility.
Services digital product school software engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Lift Germany to the AI Age

Together with world-leading companies, we tackle the challenges of AI transformation collectively and holistically.
Digital Product School

Digital Product Development

Build Digital Products That Matter

Product managers, AI engineers, UX designers, agile team leads, and communications specialists cooperatively build innovative digital products.
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Print, Forge, Cut, Knit, and Weld

On 3,000 square meters, our high-tech workshop provides access to machinery, tools, software, and a creative community looking to build great innovations.

UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators is committed to providing an educational experience at the interface of cutting-edge tech, deep practical expertise, and hands-on project work. This is where innovation comes to life!

Prof. Jerry Engel, University of California at Berkeley

We boost the innovation capacity of leading companies and organizations.

We build entrepreneurial programs for universities. Together with our talents, we develop new business for our corporate partners. Moreover, foundations and government authorities put innovation initiatives into our hands.

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