Team Coaching

You want to develop yourself & colleagues to a more innovative, autonomous, self-responsible & effective team? You are aware that e.g. internal competition or blaming others/yourself creates a negative & hindering atmosphere?

Growing in number or needing to grow into a new culture? There are many good reasons for change. We accompany you on your journey to an autonomous, confident & co-creative team.


Target Groups: Founders, Corporate Innovators

Area of Focus: Leadership & Enablement

Price: 300€/h for coporate teams, plus 187,50€/h for preparation and follow-up

Duration: 1,5h to 2h per session

Language: English, German

Scope: Packages of 5 or 10 sessions


Our coaches believe that it takes a shift in perspective or more awareness which gives us greater access to our personal & team resources. We are convinced that the balance of self-reflection & manifestation supports the entrepreneurial mindset & the solution of conflicts.

It’s about focusing on your individual strengths, finding respect for each other & building up an open atmosphere where hard work & great fun are no contradiction. This leads to a value driven mindset & a culture of true innovation based on self-responsible team members. Our Coaches have different backgrounds e.g. systemic, the work, positive psychology, psychology, NLP. Incl. further experience in the startup, freelance & corporate world.


Sandra Schabel

Sandra Schabel

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