Marketing Entrepreneurship Lab

At the Marketing Entrepreneurship Lab students get the opportunity to improve their marketing knowledge and apply it to a real world challenge. Support a Start-up of your choice with a course-related project in the areas of strategic marketing, market research, product launch, etc.

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Target Groups: Students

Area of Focus: Business Design

Next Date: April 17, 2023 - July 3, 2023

Duration: Workshop dates see below

Language: English

Scope: 180h (ca. 40h in class), students (possible in teams) search for a startup, decide and work on a marketing challenge


Learning Goals: Have better understanding of marketing challenges and tools. Enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge about marketing and gain new capabilities in a professional and more practical direction by relating to real life startup marketing challenges. Equip student with practical skills beyond the traditional marketing curriculum and thus close bridge students with startup founders to better equip them for working in a startup.


The following topics are covered among others in the course:

  • How do you create a marketing plan and decide on a strategy?
  • How do you measure marketing effectiveness?
  • The basics of Public Relations, Storytelling, and Social Media Marketing
  • How to plan a Start-up market entry?
  • How to balance budget and goals?
  • How to balance the business model and marketing?
  • How to start a Webshop?
  • How to online market your product on search-channels, social media and with mail marketing?
  • How to start a bootstrapped D2C brand?
  • How to advertise & sell via Amazon marketplace?

Workshop dates 2023:

  • April 17, 4-6pm, online introduction session
  • April 17 - May 3, Team-up & search for a Startup & define a marketing challenge with the Startup
  • May 4/5, 30 Minute slot per team: present your challenge & Startup
  •  May 8-10 & 12, 9:30 - 4pm in person workshop in Garching (mandatory!)
  •  June 19-23, check-in with all teams online, ca 30 minutes
  • July 3, presentation of all teams (mandatory); submit reflection paper ahead


You have to apply for the course. The seminar is restricted to Master students. The number of participants is limited.

Waiting List!


  • Yes, the exam is a result presentation and a reflection paper.

  • Individual reflection paper (until 2nd July, EOD) & team presentation & mandatory participation all 4 workshop days.

  • 20% class discussion, 40% presentation, 40% reflexion paper.


  • Course Flyer Summer '23

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