Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab

Welcome to Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab (E-Lab)! Our hands-on program equips corporate innovators with essential team coaching skills, focusing on leadership, enablement, and conflict resolution. Through interactive sessions spanning one to three months, participants delve into coaching basics, team dynamics, and intercultural communication. Practice coaching techniques in your workplace with guidance from experienced coaches. Reflect on your journey through retrospectives and peer support. Transform your approach to team coaching and elevate your career with E-Lab.

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Target Groups: Corporate Innovators

Area of Focus: Leadership & Enablement

Next Date: November 7, 2024 - January 22, 2025

Price: 3500 EUR (plus VAT) for corporate employees, scholarship available for private payers and Venture Lab employees

Times offered per year : Twice a year, beginning of May and November.

Duration: E-Lab consists of an education and a coaching practice phase. The length and intensity of your coaching practice can be adjusted according to your coaching context, and will be supported from our side for up to three months

Language: English

Learning Goals: Entrepreneurial coaching skills

Application Requirements : We take on 10 (min) - 30 (max) participants with a passion for innovation who have high commitment, startup or innovation background, and a prototyping attitude. E-Lab is run in English, but the language of the actual coaching depends on your environment

About the program

Welcome to Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab (E-Lab), a comprehensive program meticulously crafted for corporate innovators seeking to excel in team coaching and leadership. Designed to empower professionals with the tools and techniques necessary for guiding teams through the intricate landscape of innovation and startup ventures, E-Lab provides an immersive learning experience spanning one to three months.

Throughout the program, participants delve deep into the core principles of effective coaching, mastering essential skills such as communication, facilitation, and conflict resolution. From understanding the nuances of team dynamics to navigating the complexities of intercultural communication, E-Lab equips individuals with the competencies needed to foster collaboration and drive success within their teams.

The curriculum is divided into two distinct phases: an Education Phase and a Coaching Practice Phase. During the Education Phase, participants undergo intensive training covering coaching fundamentals, role clarification, communication strategies, and conflict transformation techniques. In the subsequent Coaching Practice Phase, participants have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world settings, coaching teams within their own workplace under the guidance of experienced mentors. Regular retrospectives and peer support sessions provide valuable opportunities for reflection and growth, ensuring that participants emerge from the program equipped with the confidence and competence to lead their teams to greatness. Elevate your career and unlock your full potential as a team coach with Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab.


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  • Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab outline (2023)


  • E-Lab is an immersive program crafted for corporate innovators aiming to enhance their team coaching skills and leadership abilities. It caters to professionals seeking to excel in areas such as leadership, communication, and conflict resolution within the context of innovation and startups.

  • E-Lab typically spans one to three months and is divided into two phases: an Education Phase and a Coaching Practice Phase. The Education Phase covers foundational coaching principles, while the Coaching Practice Phase offers opportunities for participants to apply their skills in real-world coaching scenarios under the guidance of experienced mentors.

  • Yes, E-Lab is a fully online program, offering participants the flexibility to engage from anywhere with an internet connection. The online format ensures accessibility for individuals from diverse geographic locations while providing interactive learning experiences through virtual platforms.

  • The skills acquired through E-Lab are highly transferable and can be applied across various professional settings. Whether you're leading a team, facilitating organizational change, or fostering innovation, the coaching techniques and leadership insights gained from E-Lab will empower you to drive positive outcomes within your role and organization.

  • E-Lab stands out for its hands-on approach, tailored curriculum, and experienced mentors. The program offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that participants not only understand coaching principles but also possess the skills and confidence to effectively apply them in real-world scenarios.

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