Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab

Get ready for team coaching! Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab (E-Lab) is a hands-on program where you learn how to guide teams on their innovation or startup journey. We equip you with all the tools for great team coaching and you can directly coach teams in your workplace. This journey will take one to three month, depending on your context, and we will be by your side all the way with retrospectives and peer support.

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Target Groups: Corporate Innovators

Area of Focus: Leadership & Enablement

Duration: E-Lab consists of an education and a coaching practice phase. The length and intensity of your coaching practice can be adjusted according to your coaching context, and will be supported from our side for up to three months.

Next Date: May 4, 2023 - July 14, 2023

Times offered per year : Twice a year, beginning of May and November. Next E-Lab starts May 2023.

Language: English

Learning Goals: Entrepreneurial coaching skills

Requirements Participation : We take on 10 (min) - 30 (max) participants with a passion for innovation who have high commitment, startup or innovation background, and a prototyping attitude. E-Lab is run in English, but the language of the actual coaching depends on your environment.

Price: 3500 EUR (plus VAT) for corporate employees, scholarship available for private payers and Venture Lab employees.

Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab

Learn how to shape your role as a coach and establish trust. Understand and guide team dynamics through verbal and non-verbal cues. Practice various coaching techniques and prepare yourself for conflict situations. Dig deeper into intercultural communication, team motivation, and conflict transformation. Reflect your journey in retrospectives with a senior coach, and experiment in peer to peer settings.


May 4 & 5, 2023 E-Lab Kickoff Workshop from 10:00-16:30, online

We will cover coaching basics, coach role, coaching values, speech patterns, body language, iteration based work styles, coaching techniques, and conflict transformation.


You decide how many teams you want to coach in your work environment, we recommend to coach at least two teams in order to get experiential variety. The duration of your coaching practice is also up to you, we recommend one to three months with a coaching session every two weeks.

May 24, June 7, June 21, 2023 Deep Dive Workshops and Group Reflection from 17-18:30, online

Learn more about intercultural communication, psychological safety, motivation and conflict. Reflect your coaching experiences, style, and challenges with your peers as well as experienced senior coaches.


July 19, 2023 from 17:00-18:00, online

Let's celebrate the successful completion of your E-Lab journey with your entrepreneurial coach certificate.


  • Download the Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab outline with all dates and calendar integrations


Registration open until April 14, 2023, please email Franziska Heyde to receive more information

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