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Manage and More

Manage and More is the entrepreneurship scholarship by UnternehmerTUM - Europe's leading center for innovation and start-ups. Every semester, 20 students with above-average commitment are selected to be trained as intra- and entrepreneurs for three semesters. In an interdisciplinary network, they learn to develop business ideas, shape innovation, and develop their own leadership personality.

The Manage and More competencies are self-leadership, self-management, the willingness to take responsibility, communication skills, the ability to work in a team, leadership skills, knowledge of methods, project management as well as entrepreneurial thinking and action.

Audience: Students from Munich’s universities

Cost: participation in the program is fully financed by UnternehmerTUM and our collaboration partners (20 grants per semester)

Duration: 18 months (3 semesters)

Next starting date: Sep 1, 2021

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Claudia Liebethal

Dr. Claudia Liebethal

People and Leadership