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At UnternehmerTUM, Europe's leading center for innovation and start-ups at the Technical University of Munich, we have joined forces with EIT InnoEnergy. Together, we've designed the "Innovation & Entrepreneurship Journey" in the Energy Technologies Master's program. In two modules, students first receive profound methodological knowledge in the field of agile working and design thinking. Then, they are guided through the business design process. As a participant, you will develop your own business ideas and benefit from the experience of our lecturers and many years of start-up expertise at UnternehmerTUM.

Target group: Students of the Master's in Energy Technologies

Language: German

Duration: 2 modules; 1st module 3 days; 2nd module 7 days (+ remote coaching)

Times offered per year: once

Next starting date: Feb 2022

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Simon Kratzer

Simon Kratzer

Marketing and Operations