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Taking on leadership responsibility for the first time as an innovation driver can be an immense challenge: Young founders set out to build a larger organization. Intrapreneurs and successors in family businesses want to create the best culture for their team in order to play a key role in shaping innovations. Researchers want to drive cutting-edge research or spin-off creation with their collaborators. The Leadership Talent Academy @UnternehmerTUM helps aspiring leaders find their own personal, value-driven leadership style to shape organizations built on a culture of togetherness, trust, and powerful action.

Why Leadership Talent Academy (LTA)?

We embrace change and see obstacles as opportunities. Our goal is to support you, to gain new perspectives on your way of experiencing and challenging yourself, your life, and current situations you are handling. This program is designed to explore your full potential to scale your impact. It is about creative confidence, to empower you as a person and to become the leader you want to be.

The Leadership Talent Academy is a 4-month on-site program consisting of 5 Workshop Modules, built on each other to gain in-depth knowledge about yourself and your leadership skills. Self-reflection and self-guidance are the first steps before you can enable and support others as a leader. You will get the chance to explore through experience-based learning, co-creation and real use cases your way of understanding, shift your mindset and thrive for your own positive and progressive future.

This program is for leaders, who want to be challenged, are bold and want to connect on a new level.

Module Overview*

Module 1 - 22./23.10.21 (Fr 9-18 /Sa 10-18) Get centered - Values, Strength, Drivers

Module 2 - 05.11.21 (Fr 9-18) Get connected - Team diversity, Culture, Purpose

Module 3 - 03.12.21 (Fr 9-18) Get shifted - Psychological safety, Communication, Dynamics

Module 4 - 21.01.22 (Fr 9-18) Dive deep - Growth Mindset, Resilience, Authentic self, Connectivity

Module 5 - 04./05.02.22 (Fr 9-18 /Sa 10-18) Take action - Share learnings, open feedback, transition

Experts’ Impulse Lectures (remote evening events) - mandatory. Details here.

"Akademie Führung und Persönlichkeit" (together with the Munich School of Philosophy) - 07.-13.03.22 Optional - 12 spots per batch, additional selection process

*All participants agree to fully participate in all modules on-site at the Munich Urban Colab in Munich and at UnternehmerTUM Headquarters in Garching, respectively.

Please apply if you…

  • … are a leader and ready to take over full responsibility for yourself and your team.

  • … want to shape a values-based mindset and gain a profound understanding of your inner motivation.

  • … cannot wait any longer to unfold your full potential.

  • … are seeking a hands-on, challenging, and bold learning experience.

  • … want to empower yourself and your team.

  • … are eager to become a game changer.

Your journey through LTA

  • Seven workshop days with many leadership exercises and time for reflection

  • Experts' insights through impulse lectures

  • Being accompanied through individual coachings

  • Connecting with new people in similar situations

  • Creating a learning environment through peer to peer consulting

  • Option for participating at the "Akademie Führung und Persönlichkeit" together with the Munich School of Philosophy (12 spots per batch)

In order to fully engage with the program and your class, we expect clearing your calendar during these days to give yourself space and energy to focus on the LTA program.

Target group: Entrepreneurs, Professionals, PhDs

Language: German

Duration: 4 months

Costs: We award 25 full scholarships financed by the Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG)

Times offered per year: Twice, starting in October and April

Next starting date: October 22, 2021

Application: We allocate spots for our selection days on an ongoing basis. Please fill in our application form. If we are convinced by your written application, we will contact you for a short telephone interview. As the final step in the admission process, you will be participating in a selection day together with a group of applicants.

Application deadline: As long as places in the selection day are available, no later than 12.09.21

The Leadership Talent Academy (LTA) is a partner program initiated by the Karl Schlecht Foundation for the development of "Good Leadership". The LTA is implemented in cooperation with selected universities. The target group includes talented students and young executives in STEM-related fields.

The KSG’s goal is to offer future leaders in the hi-tech industry the chance to explore ethical issues in business and leadership beyond their specialist scientific training, thereby fostering the holistic and humanistic personal development of these important decision-makers. The interdisciplinary program, implemented via separate modules at the various partner universities, is taught by a team of experts drawn from the KSG’s German network.

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Juditd Liebfried

Judith Liebfried

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